SimpliFi MSP seeks to disrupt the healthcare staffing industry, which includes an estimated 1.7 million travel nurses in the U.S., with unique solutions for hospitals to more effectively manage workforce spending and reduce their reliance on contingent labor.

Today, U.S. hospitals have challenges keeping patient floors and specialty care units open without travel nurses. But, what hospitals want – and SimpliFi is helping them do – is to gain better control over the complexity and costs associated with managing and reducing their contract labor.

“Every hospital in America wants to reduce their travel nurse spend or premium labor costs,” says SimpliFi’s President and CEO James Quick. “If you ask the chief financial officers of any hospital system in America what their top three priorities are, every CFO would likely state ‘to reduce travel nurse spending’ among their top three.”

How SimpliFi Streamlines the Process

At one time, hospitals were building entire departments to manage all the logistics that go with hiring temporary staff, including but not limited to recruiting quality healthcare professionals, verifying certifications, and maintaining accurate records. These departments were also responsible for managing relationships with dozens of travel nurse agencies, and each agency had a different hospital contract that had to be negotiated.

As a healthcare MSP, SimpliFi steps in to streamline the process. Instead of hospitals managing these relationships, we make the process simple, acting as the single point of contact between a client and more than 200 healthcare staffing agencies. Furthermore, SimpliFi goes beyond the baseline industry expectations by providing clients with unparalleled clinical and compliance rigor, real-time access to data and reporting, proactive forecasting, and more.

“SimpliFi offers flexible and customized solutions based on what health systems need us to manage,” Quick explains. “We can save health systems a lot of money by removing the administrative burden from clinical leaders and using our scale to help them focus more on their patient population, driving greater efficiencies and maximizing cost-savings.”

How SimpliFi Is Disrupting Healthcare MSP Standards

Additionally, SimpliFi is developing new services that Quick says could save its clients even more money, either by lowering overhead costs related to the use of travelers or by building and supporting health systems’ core staff.

When SimpliFi engages in a new partnership with a health system, our team of experts is deployed to evaluate the health system’s operations and determine a customized solution. This process allows SimpliFi to discover how it can best generate the overhead cost savings desired and analyze what additional savings it can create.

With all of these aspects evaluated, SimpliFi helps health systems operate more efficiently. For example, SimpliFi has been able to lower the number of canceled travel nursing requisitions to about half of the national average.

“That helps our reputation,” Quick explains. “It helps the hospitals we partner with fill their openings faster and at a lower cost, and it helps the nurses quickly find assignments that work best for them. Now, we’re working on new services that will bring even more savings and added value to our clients.”

One of these new services is SimpliFi’s Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) program, an improved onboarding and training approach that’s alleviating preceptor workloads and building new grads into successful RNs. Early results show that new nurses trained through CAP are more confident and competent in their roles than those who’ve gone through legacy onboarding programs. One client saw a 20.5-point increase in new nurse confidence and a 60% decrease in unit turnover after implementing the CAP program.

And this is just the beginning. SimpliFi has future plans that will disrupt the healthcare staffing business model to better benefit individual nurses, hospitals, and more.

“It will benefit healthcare providers and payers – and ultimately, patients – by helping lower costs or preventing costs from rising even higher,” Quick says.

Are you interested in hearing more about SimpliFi’s services and how we can help you better manage your workforce spending? Contact us today to begin a conversation and start an industry-redefining partnership.