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You Need a Nimble Partner to Customize Solutions to Help You Balance, Manage, and Reduce Your Contract Labor

Patient demand is not static, and neither is the availability of your workforce. While health systems face intense pressure to keep costs down, approximately 80,000 experienced RNs are retiring from nursing every year — creating a vast need for experienced RNs across the country.

While critical workforce shortages increase, every health system experiences turnover, FMLA absences, and peak census periods which require additional skilled clinicians in order to maximize revenue.

SimpliFi has a reputation of guiding health systems to maximize the quality, while minimizing the cost of contract labor.

It’s our company’s mission to reduce your administrative burden and labor costs.

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Mutually Align on KPIs.

We begin by aligning on KPIs like fill rate, speed to fill, cost structure, and many other variables. Our performance against those KPIs is transparent in our proprietary reporting software that you have real-time access to, ClariFi Analytics.

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Curated Panel of Agency Partners.

Our in-depth knowledge and relationships with more than 50 staffing partners allow us to deploy the most effective strategy to manage your requisitions and expedite the process to hire the best contingent labor. We know more than just which partners to go to — we know when and how in order to meet your requirements, exceed your expectations, and deliver results.

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Unparalleled Clinical and Compliance Rigor.

We are committed to operating on the premise of mutual respect for our hospitals, contingent talent, and agency partners. We deliver the quality clinicians you need with less than 10% termination and cancelation rates, far below industry average of 19%. In addition, every staffing partner we work with is required to be Joint Commission Certified. 

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Real-Time Access to Data & Reporting.

Real-time data on your spend, visibility to the travelers in your health system, and key performance metrics anytime, anywhere, via ClariFi Analytics.

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Proactive Forecasting.

We work with clients to identify and forecast their needs months in advance to ensure that we can secure the best quality talent while limiting reliance on premium rates. 

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Cost Containment.

We help contain costs with a streamlined, transparent, and single market-driven rate structure. Not only that, but we focus on implementing the right kinds of programs and ensure that we’re getting candidates well in advance so that your financial resources are utilized in the best possible ways.

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Custom Solutions Delivered By a Dedicated Account Team.

Since every health system is different, we will work closely with you to determine a customized solution delivered by a dedicated team of experts. We utilize regional teams near our clients for a superior service experience. When you partner with us, you’ll have one number to call and one specific point of contact.

We’re so confident that we can provide the service you need,
that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
If we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid.
That’s what partnership means to us.