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A new study states the median nursing tenure recently fell by nearly 20% in the U.S, and by 2025, the U.S. could have a 10 to 20% gap between the number of patients needing care and the number of nurses available to provide it. Some hospitals are working to curb that estimate through SimpliFi’s innovative Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) program, which integrates new nurses into health systems with dedicated guidance from assessed, trained, and experienced preceptors who are focused solely on precepting.  


CAP’s approach efficiently onboards new nurses, building them into confident and competent RNs, while also lightening the preceptor’s workload. This method is increasing health systems’ retention rates and saving them time, money, and resources. 

The Challenge:

SimpliFi’s client was experiencing high turnover of core staff (22%) and preceptor burnout on its Med/Surg unit. With first-year nurses leaving the industry in droves and only adding to the staff shortage, the client wanted to take a specialized approach in training its new class of Med/Surg nurses, while also taking care not to overburden preceptor workloads, in hopes of lowering turnover. 

SimpliFi’s Solution: 

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For this client, SimpliFi’s CAP leaders laid out an eight-week plan that allowed the new RNs to integrate into the unit at a 1:1 or 1:2 preceptor-to-nurse ratio. Each preceptor was selected by CAP leaders who interviewed, vetted, and trained them.

During the program, preceptors evaluated RN competency levels and SimpliFi’s clinical directors stepped in to coach preceptors, ensuring each new nurse was thoroughly supported and prepared to handle patient care independently. Additionally, CAP leaders provided ongoing feedback to the health system’s leadership team, updating them on the program’s progress. 

Results of SimpliFi’s CAP Program:

decrease in turnover on the unit
increase in new nurse confidence

95.5% Leadership Satisfaction

99% Preceptor Satisfaction

94% Nurse Satisfaction

Results from the CAP program were measured by a third-party survey. By the end of the program, CAP leaders noted an alarming increase in new RN confidence scores, which are measured in the ability to care for patients independently, communication with physicians, awareness of available resources, and more. When revisiting the unit after the program’s completion, turnover on the unit dropped from 22% to 8.6% – an astounding 60% decrease. 

Leadership, preceptors, and new grads felt SimpliFi’s CAP program gave time for more skills practice, boosted new RN independence, and allowed for safe integration into practice while increasing bandwidth for leadership and educators. 

CAP Testimonials:

“The difference between the new grads in the CAP program and the legacy program was very noticeable. CAP residents were able to hit the ground running at completion of the program.” 

– Nurse leader at a multi-hospital system 

“I feel the new nurses were better prepared and more confident upon completion than what they would be with the old way. I was able to spend more time actually teaching and mentoring than trying to just manage an assignment.” 

– Qualified Preceptor 

“This program was really helpful coming on as a new nurse. I did not feel rushed and could learn more than just starting with a six-patient assignment.” 

– New Grad 

You have great nurses. SimpliFi’s CAP program helps you onboard them safely, increase their confidence and skill sets, and retain staff.  

Contact us today to start an industry-redefining partnership with SimpliFi. We aim to be more than a healthcare MSP – we want to be a true workforce partner.