Health systems need a workforce partner who does more than just fill contract labor requisitions.


With SimpliFi, a different kind of MSP has emerged: a holistic partner who bridges the gap that exists between growing the number of full-time RNs with the effective management of temporary labor.

SimpliFi has responded to health systems’ need to build their core nursing staff through the development of the Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) program, which enables health systems to build their nursing workforce of the future while better retaining experienced RNs.

Costly Turnover, Constant Flux, and Nursing Shortages: Meet Our CAP Program

Onboarding newly graduated RNs is a pressure point in every organization and often leads to burnout for the preceptor, incivility, and turnover — all while inducing large unproductive costs.

= total cost for a hospital to replace one nurse (recruitment, orientation and training).
= how much each percentage point increase in nurse turnover costs the average hospital per year.
= how much more hospitals with high nurse turnover spend than hospitals with high retention rates (on average each year).

You have great nurses. We help you retain them.

One of the greatest friction points causing turnover amongst both new and experienced nurses is new grad onboarding and precepting.

Today, health systems take their best nurses and make them preceptors, adding an additional burden which can contribute to burnout and attrition. While experienced, these nurses have not been trained or assessed for the preceptor role. They are also carrying a full patient load and have little or no incentive to support the success of the new grad. 

In other words, a great nurse does not always equal a great preceptor.

To build the nursing workforce of the future, health systems need to effectively onboard and retain new grads. But in the traditional model, new grads are seen by the preceptor as an unwanted burden — someone who is in the way when there is a lot to do. This contributes to incivility amongst different generations of nurses.


SimpliFi’s CAP program addresses these challenges by providing a preceptor:

Fully dedicated to onboarding new grad RNs

Fluent in the culture and EHR of the health system

Assessed for fit-for-role

Fully trained to be a great preceptor

Financially incentivized around the success of the new grad

SimpliFi offers two distinct service options for health systems as part of its CAP initiative: a full new graduate RN residency, and an innovative preceptor program. To learn more, get in touch with our team today.

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