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SimpliFi’s Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) program places qualified and dedicated preceptors in your health system to build novice nurse graduates into confident and experienced RNs.

CAP is a program that meets client challenges with strategic solutions. The results speak for themselves.



The Client’s Challenge:

SimpliFi’s client lacked qualified preceptors to onboard new RN graduates, which only contributed to its internal nursing shortage.

Onboarding newly graduated RNs is a pressure point in every health system and often leads to burnout for the preceptor, incivility, and turnover — all while inducing large unproductive costs. The cost of replacing one RN can equal approximately $90,000, and hospitals with high nurse turnover spend an average of $3.6 million more each year than hospitals with high retention rates.


SimpliFi’s Solution:

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The mission of SimpliFi’s CAP program is to build a health system’s core nursing staff through the transition of novice nurse graduates into competent nursing professionals.

Through the CAP program, SimpliFi provided, assessed, and trained qualified preceptors with demonstrated success to add bandwidth to the client’s current onboarding program. We took great care to place the right preceptors in the health system due to how important it is to the success of the organization. SimpliFi’s clinical directors also provided preceptor support through ongoing coaching and weekly progress meetings.

Results of SimpliFi’s CAP Program:

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nurse retention rate

An increase of 37% compared to the client’s legacy program

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increase in nurse competence

2x higher than the increase reported in the client’s legacy program

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increase in nurse confidence

11x higher than the increase reported in the client’s legacy program

As a result of the CAP program, SimpliFi helped the client build and retain their core staff while decreasing their use of travelers.The CAP program demonstrated significantly higher retention, competence, and confidence compared to the client’s legacy onboarding program. This was measured prior to the start of the program, at completion, and at 1-year post-completion.

CAP Testimonials:

“It was a great program. I loved the integration of patients. The flow worked well.”


– Manager of a Level II trauma center at a multi-hospital system

“I think the program was a huge success. All of my residents are going to make amazing nurses and team players.“


– Qualified Preceptor

“I feel we all received great training and support through the CAP program.”


– Resident

You have great nurses. We help you retain them. Eliminate the costly turnover, constant flux, and new nurse grads feeling like a burden while combating the nursing shortage with SimpliFi’s CAP program.

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