Health systems across the U.S. face increasing nurse vacancies and premium labor spend. Utilizing travelers and shift incentives can help fill in the gaps in the short term, but is not a sustainable solution.

Technology-enabled tools, like Stogo, are a quick and effective solution. Stogo, acquired by SimpliFi in September of 2023, is an innovative shift and float pool management platform that can increase your pool of available nursing resources in as little as 30 days.


What Makes Stogo Different

Through their mobile-based app, Stogo provides health systems with an easy-to-use solution for filling critical gaps with internal employees or a custom, pre-vetted pool of clinicians from their community called StogoFlex. The founders of Stogo are former hospital executives and understand how hospitals operate ensuring your system is operationally and clinically prepared to take on staffing challenges.

Key Differences with Stogo

  • Risk-free Pool Development: if you don’t use the Flex Pool, you don’t pay a thing
  • You set the rate for the staff
  • StogoFlex charges a flat hourly fee that will never change, no matter the rate offered to the staff

“The fact that the StogoFlex team are former hospital executives is a big part of the magic that makes this program so successful. They understand our operations and are backed by a recruitment team with extensive experience in nurse recruiting. It’s an awesome combination, I’ve been very happy with how quickly we have implemented StogoFlex in our hospitals.” – Annmarie Chavarria, DNP, MSN – SVP & CNE for Lehigh Valley Health Network


Impact of Stogo in the First Six Months with Lehigh Valley

Lehigh Valley Health Network is a 15-hospital system in Allentown, Pennsylvania, an area with a population of 125,000, and is the first SimpliFi client to utilize Stogo. Here is the meaningful impact using Stogo has made for Lehigh Valley within the first six months of operation:

  • Generated over 1,000 RN leads
  • Current pool of over 50 actively engaged RNs – — with an average of just 39 days between RN interest and picking up shifts
  • Benefited from over 6,000 hours worked or scheduled

Through Stogo, Lehigh Valley has successfully leveraged a local talent pool, engaging new clinicians within their community. This includes RNs from local acute care hospitals, schools, clinics, the military, retirees and former travelers.

“We are thrilled with the early success we are having with Stogo for Lehigh Valley Health Network,” said Patrick Halinski, Founder. “We anticipate having over 100 RNs in Lehigh’s pool in the first quarter of 2024, shifting approximately 3,500 monthly hours from travelers to this lower-cost, local care team.”


Get Started with Stogo

If your health system is ready to reduce its premium labor spend and reliance on travelers, Stogo should be a part of your strategy. Health systems will provide over one million hours of patient care this year by publishing open shifts to qualified clinicians in their internal and local talent pools using the Stogo platform. Learn more about how Stogo can help you create and scale your shift fulfillment strategy.

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