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The healthcare industry is in a staffing crisis. The American College of Healthcare Executives states staffing shortages was the No. 1 issue, overtaking financial challenges, on hospital CEOs’ lists in 2021. The CEOs surveyed said they were short-staffed in their number of registered nurses, technicians, and therapists. When it came to financial challenges, hospital executives were specifically concerned about the increasing costs for staff and supplies and reducing operating costs. Health systems would typically turn to their MSP, their workforce partner, to tackle these concerns. However, what they’ve learned is that some MSPs only treat them like a number, not a true partner. 

SimpliFi is a trusted partner delivering high-touch service to an elite group of health systems and taking their specific challenges head-on. Though there are larger healthcare MSPs, what they lack that SimpliFi offers is a focused approach for our clients. SimpliFi strives to be the best for all clients, not just the biggest clients. That means we are proactive in finding ways to save your health system money, we provide expert consultation because we care about your success, and we are highly communicative because you deserve it. 

“SimpliFi was created to do something different in the MSP space,” said President James Quick. “The concept of a managed service provider was not a new idea when we started a decade ago. Several others were out there doing that, but SimpliFi felt like it was too complex. Ultimately, SimpliFi believed clients should and could have a better experience.” 

SimpliFi’s Goals as a Healthcare MSP 

Being a trusted partner means we value transparency. Health systems want transparent, easy-to-access data about their workforce. As a healthcare MSP, SimpliFi has made significant investments in technology to provide clients with dashboards, reporting, and analytics about their labor spend and utilization. We deliver total transparency on mutually agreed upon KPIs, staffing partner selection, requisition distribution, and the strategic workforce management goals specific to each health system. We work with you to analyze the data, consult you on the best options, and provide a strategy to meet your goals. 

We also bring innovative ideas to the table to tackle our clients’ staffing challenges. This includes our Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) program, providing qualified preceptors and expanding the onboarding capacity of health systems. CAP focuses on building confidence and competence in the new grad through dedicated preceptor training so that health systems can build their nursing workforce of the future while better retaining experienced RNs. 

“I believe the CAP program encouraged the preceptor to be more engaged in the precepting role,” said a unit manager. “The new nurses expressed satisfaction getting skills under their belts before starting assignments.” 

SimpliFi’s Approach as a Healthcare MSP 

SimpliFi was started by industry experts and entrepreneurs with the shared vision of creating a different kind of healthcare MSP. Our goal is not as much about being the largest in our industry as it is providing service excellence to a select number of health systems by helping them optimize their workforce. 

We set out to raise the bar in our industry: more ethics, more service, and more ingenuity. Each health system is unique and deserves a specialized approach to workforce management. Instead of partnering with MSPs that have a one-size-fits-all approach, contact us and become a SimpliFi partner. You will never be a number to us.