In December 2017, FierceHealthcare published an article about the top 10 concerns of chief nursing officers.  CNOs have a huge responsibility to keep patient scores high, units fully staffed and nursing staff engaged. Having the help of a great Managed Service Provider (MSP) can certainly help mitigate some of that stress and make things run more smoothly for any CNO. Here’s how SimpliFi addresses 4 out of the 10 top concerns of CNO’s.  

1. Nurse Disengagement

One concern FierceHealthcare highlighted was professional disengagement among staff, which leads to a poor work environment and burnout. SimpliFi’s Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) Program helps solve this problem by providing quality preceptorship, training, and professional development to novice nurses. Our CAP program also offers the unique benefit of improving staffing levels since nurses are actively incorporated into the unit staffing model sooner, limiting unproductive time.

2. Recruitment and Retention

It’s no secret that a major source of stress for CNO’s is recruiting and retaining quality nurses. That’s where SimpliFi comes in to make things easier. Our algorithm driven candidate matching technology provides accurate, automated candidate screening for your contingent staffing needs, so you have the right nurse at the right time. Furthermore, our CAP program encourages and provides incentives for nurses to stay at the facility long after their transition to practice is over.

3. Rising Labor Costs for Contract Workers

Every hospital is focused on containing costs, but not at the expense of having a shortage of the highest quality clinicians at the bedside. During peak census times, it is appropriate for hospitals to use contract labor to meet the increased demand. SimpliFi can help hospitals efficiently manage their contingent labor costs via ClariFi Analytics, our proprietary reporting and analytics platform. ClariFi gives hospital executives real-time, on-demand access to their performance and utilization data – including spend – for contingent labor.

4. The Influx of New Graduate Nurses (NGRNs)

According to the article, about four million millennials are expected to enter the nursing industry by 2030. While this is great for the nursing shortage, CNO’s worry about the effect so many novice nurses will have on patient safety and outcomes. SimpliFi’s CAP Program engages NGRNs in an atmosphere that gives them the clinical skills, confidence and training to go from novice nurses to competent, skilled clinicians.

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