Close up of stethoscope and doctor sitting in a background filling in documentation

As a former hospital CNO, I have experienced firsthand the challenge of turnover among New Graduate Registered Nurses (NGRNs) for hospitals. I have seen the impact both to patient outcomes and in the burnout of my experienced nursing staff.

The research indicates this is a challenge my colleagues are facing on a national level as RN turnover costs a hospital an average of $6.6M per year.

With experienced nurses retiring at an unprecedented rate, it is more important than ever that we successfully transition NGRNs from novice nurses to competent, talented clinicians. These reasons compelled me to reimagine the traditional on-boarding process for new nurses around three key pillars:

1. SimpliFi’s transition to practice program focuses on NGRNs becoming confident and competent in their patient care responsibilities via a focus on experiential learning and hands-on experience.

2. SimpliFi customizes a curriculum to the needs of your hospital. We provide an experienced clinical lead to oversee the implementation and execution of the program, at no additional cost to the facility.

3. Unlike the traditional onboarding model, NGRNs are productive on the floor throughout SimpliFi’s program, and are incorporated into the unit staffing model sooner.

At SimpliFi, we are reinventing nurse retention solutions with an innovative approach to new grad RN transition to practice. Our model increases the ROI of our partner hospitals’ NGRN retention efforts, while reducing both the cost of turnover and burnout. If you’d like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Bambi Floyd, MSN, FNP-BC
Vice President & Chief Clinical Officer, SimpliFi