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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the healthcare sector to add about 2.6 million new jobs through 2030, and there are expected to be about 203,200 openings for registered nurses each year. While the demand for RNs is evident, the turnover seen in U.S. health systems is astounding.

According to the “2022 NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report,” turnover for staff RNs stands at approximately 27% nationwide, an increase of 8.4% year-over-year. Hospital recruitment was unable to keep up with the pace of turnover, leading to a 2.47% reduction in the hospital RN workforce.

At a time when nurses are leaving the industry in droves, health systems need workforce partners with proven solutions. As a healthcare MSP and partner to health systems, SimpliFi focuses on quality – from the services we offer to the clinicians we place in your health system.

How SimpliFi Ensures You Get Quality Clinicians 

“It used to be when a health system would hire a travel nurse, that person would likely be the best nurse on the unit. That’s not necessarily the case anymore,” said James Quick, president of SimpliFi.

When bringing on a new client partner, SimpliFi believes in getting to know you clinically. Our CNO-led clinical team comes to your hospital and collects clinical intelligence through a 42-point evaluation of each unit, ensuring we thoroughly comprehend what you want in an RN. We cover everything from the equipment on the unit to the necessary skills a nurse should have.

“The information we collect in our evaluation includes multiple details needed to align a clinical professional to a hospital unit successfully. This information is compiled into a database where it is readily available to agency partners,” said Bambi Gore, MSN, FNP-BC, vice president and chief clinical officer at SimpliFi. “We feel that this step is essential to setting our partners, and our clinicians, up for success.”

When you enter your open requisitions into SimpliFi’s VMS system, we use that 42-point evaluation to measure each candidate submitted. In the name of clinical quality and getting the right nurse in the position, we vet the submissions before advancing the best candidates for interviews.

Next, our clinical interview team connects with top applicants on your behalf, freeing nurse managers to focus on other duties. We do live clinician interviewing, not voicemail or automated interviews, for more than 850 units across our client base. Because of our clinical evaluations and interview team, our speed to hire is eight days. That’s eight days from when the job opens to when the candidate is confirmed and accepted for the position.

Metrics to Prove SimpliFi’s Approach 

Quality is SimpliFi’s focus, and that shows in our metrics. Over the last 12 months, SimpliFi has filled 93% of the orders opened by our clients. Because we take time to thoroughly understand your units and find only the best candidates, our clinician completion rate is nearly 88%, and hiring managers recommend 96% of those clinicians for rehire.

“You can see in our quality metrics that we get the position filled, the clinician commits to their contract, and the nurse manager wants them to be rehired,” said Quick.

Start a Partnership With SimpliFi 

SimpliFi is more than a standard healthcare MSP. We strive to be a true workforce partner for our clients – working with them to ensure they get top-notch temporary talent, helping them develop retention strategies for their core staff, managing their workforce spending, and tying it all to measurable goals.

Contact SimpliFi today to hear more about our approach, workforce innovations, and results.