The New York Times reports that the U.S. leads the world in healthcare administrative costs, citing findings from a 2018 study comparing global healthcare expenditures. Why? The complexity of our healthcare system, for one, but also “hiring and managing doctors and other employees” and “maintaining information systems,” says the Times.

If wasteful administrative hours were reduced, releasing nursing and administrative staff to conduct other important business, how might that change the trajectory of a whole hospital — or even a whole health system? Potentially, it would mean saving millions of dollars every year — money that could be put back into improving outcomes and investing in facilities and staff.

As health system executives and their teams know — as do their administrative staff — admin problems are widespread and multi-faceted. When information systems have gaps or don’t talk to each other, it leads to process duplication, manual data entry, and an overall lack of visibility on things like contingent labor spending.

Blindspots in labor-management information are scary (and expensive). The absence of proactive forecasting precipitates workforce shortages, which in turn demand the acquisition of temporary staff at premium rates. 

Even as applications from staffing agencies flood in, nurse managers have to spend extra hours on the phone following up with a myriad of candidates and vetting them. They also have to work to engage and train new graduate RNs, whose turnover rates remain high and extremely costly.

How SimpliFi Relieves the Administrative Burden for Health Systems

SimpliFi is working to eliminate the hours that your hospital staff spends on hiring staff and managing information systems. Here’s what that looks like:

  1. Clinical Intelligence. We gather extensive clinical intelligence on your hospital units to ensure that quality candidates are vetted and clinically matched to open positions in your health system. This takes an enormous burden off your managers, and it decreases the likelihood of turnover once candidates are placed.
  2. Visibility on Your Information. Using ClariFi, our proprietary technology platform, we provide a high degree of visibility into the utilization of your contingent labor force. This allows you to manage spending and allocation of resources. Not only that, but our system integrates with your current technology to cut down on duplication and manual processes.
  3. Retaining Your Core Nursing Staff. Our Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) program provides training and mentorship for new graduate RNs, helping you retain your nursing workforce. This has a threefold benefit: It saves you money on turnover costs, alleviates the weight of training on experienced nurses (we provide preceptors), and it reduces the administrative burden of recruiting and hiring new nurses.

Take Back Expensive Wasted Time in Your Health System

So how do you reclaim those wasted admin hours and preserve your budget? The answer is to invest in a partnership where your core financial drains are stopped at the source. SimpliFi’s ability to address the unique issues of health systems has earned us high satisfaction rates with our clients. Some clients have even saved up to $2M per year. To find out more about what it means to partner with us, get in touch with us today.