Doctor typing information on Laptop in Hospital office focus on Stethoscope

After partnering with SimpliFi, one hospital went from rapid response nursing rates of $100+ an hour to $2.1M in savings, a 100% fill rate, and a 15.9 day time-to-fill.


The Client’s Challenge:

The client’s previous provider was holding their staffing orders and not filling them. With their time-to-fill and percentage-fill rates both poor, the hospital was having to resort to rapid response nursing at $100+ an hour bill rates.


How SimpliFi Solved the Problem:

SimpliFi was able to significantly reduce their time-to-fill while meeting all of their needs. The client was able to reduce their rapid response labor spend by $2.1M in the first 9 months of their relationship with SimpliFi.


Client Benefits:

In addition to experiencing $2.1M in savings, the client’s year-to-date fill rate is 100%. They have a rate of 1.7 days to first candidate submission and their time-to-fill is 15.9 days.