Finally, A True Healthcare Staffing MSP Partner

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Healthcare Staffing: There Has to Be a Better Way

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    Your clinical labor costs have risen rapidly.

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    Your full-time vacancy for RNs and techs remains high.

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    You have a target for reducing agency usage while meeting patient volume.

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    Your health system has been in this unsustainable cycle for too long.

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    You and your team have several solutions in-flight, but are they the right ones?

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    You feel alone in figuring out how to reduce your travel agency spend. 

You’ve looked to your staffing partner for answers, but they just want you to use more travelers.


You think the traveler model is broken because:

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    You are often paying traveler rates for local clinicians.

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    You only hear from your MSP when bill rates need to go up, not down.

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    You are bound to exclusivity with your MSP, even when they don’t deliver.

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    Travelers quit and there is no accountability.

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    Your MSP is not exclusive to you, and they represent competitors in your market.

These are common industry practices we stand against.

You Need A Trusted Guide To Help You:


Identify the right strategies for reducing agency spend


Create a customized plan based on proven strategies


Implement the plan quickly and effectively

We are uniquely positioned to help you achieve your workforce goals

You are not alone. You do not have to figure out how to reduce travel labor spend all on your own. SimpliFi is uniquely qualified to serve as your guide.

We work side-by-side with you to create a customized plan for your health system which maximizes your patient care resources while reducing your reliance on agency.

We offer a customized menu of solutions to help you:

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    CAP: Experienced preceptors to increase your New Grad RN intake and retention
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    External Talent Pool: Source and engage RNs in the region to reduce travelers
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    Internal Team:  Fill travel assignments and shifts with your internal agency, float pool, or full-time employees 
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    International Nursing: Partners and process to source and manage international clinicians at scale
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    Care Model: Access partners and talent in areas ranging from virtual nursing to care teams

In Addition To These Benefits,
We Are Committed To Being Your Exclusive Partner In Your Market

Here’s how we partner:


Speak with a Workforce Consultant


Create a Customized Plan


Execute the Plan Together

100% Referenceable Customer Base

A lot of MSPs failed during COVID.
We experienced 100% customer retention.

“In healthcare, we deal with lots and lots of vendors. And I will say our experience with SimpliFi is they are not a vendor, they’re a partner.”

June Altaras

Executive Vice President & Chief Quality, Safety, and Nursing Officer MultiCare Health System

Real Results

Advisory Board

We formed an Advisory Board with key thought leaders from health systems across the U.S. who have had a remarkable impact on our innovation and offering charter. We are deeply indebted to these remarkable executives for how they have partnered with us to redefine our role as a healthcare MSP.

Six Proven Strategies for Reducing Agency Labor Spend

Learn more about the six primary strategies health systems are leveraging to reduce agency labor spend.


SimpliFi’s RED2023 Labor Summit brought leading healthcare executives together to share insights on the strategies they have implemented to meet patient care demands while decreasing costs. Now, you can watch these discussions on-demand and let the conversations guide your own strategy.

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