Bambi Floyd

Do I have enough new grad RNs to make a dent in my hospital’s shortage? If not, why?

This is a question all too familiar to today’s CNO. Many hospitals are not able to hire enough new graduate nurses to ease their internal shortage. Why is this?

Many hospitals lack the appropriate number of qualified preceptors to successfully onboard newly graduated nurses. Additionally, we tend to overuse experienced staff nurses to precept these new grads, resulting in burnout and turnover among core staff.

When your most experienced and trusted nurses turnover or burn out and new nurses don’t feel supported during onboarding, nobody wins.

We often ask our core nursing staff to onboard new nurses due to their vast bedside experience. But does this make them qualified to precept? Or do we charge these nurses with this task because they are “good nurses”?

A great nurse does not always make a great preceptor. SimpliFi’s Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) Program evaluates our preceptors to ensure they are “fit” for the role of a preceptor. Our preceptors are also formally trained to assure their methods are standardized across the residency program, guaranteeing the message to your new grad nurses is aligned with the mission, vision, and performance improvement initiatives of your facility.

If you’re ready to improve your residency program with qualified, dedicated preceptors and retain the best clinical talent, let’s talk. Contact us to start the conversation.