Bambi Gore Chief Clinical Officer of SimpliFi MSP

Graduation season is here, and it’s time for many facilities to hire new grad nurses (NGRNs).  Our Chief Clinical Officer, Bambi Gore will be answering a series of important questions hospital leaders should be addressing about attracting, retaining and supporting NGRNs. The SimpliFi team and I welcome you to contribute to the conversation!

Question: Is our onboarding and training program effective — and supported by evidence-based research?



Many facilities today have opted for a “home grown” approach to transition to practice programs. This has shown a much-needed reduction in new grad turnover compared to the lack of a program. But, are you getting the most of your program?

The Advisory Board has calculated that replacing one nurse costs a hospital a staggering $90,000 dollars. It is critical to ensure that money spent in this area is used effectively, and residency programs are producing positive outcomes.

If your new graduate turnover is higher than 11%, it’s higher than the national average. Improvement in new grad turnover, even minor improvements, can save a hospital millions annually.

For example, a hospital employing 200 nurses, with 20% new graduate turnover is losing $3.6M in nurse turnover. A mere improvement of 5% would result in a savings of $900,000. A new graduate RN program is the critical piece in reducing this first-year turnover.

Is your current residency curriculum evidence based? Is it built around your system and unit performance improvement initiatives? Does it address items that can improve your HCAHPS scores? SimpliFi’s Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) Program and our custom evidence-based curriculum are based on a foundation of these vital considerations.

When you partner with SimpliFi, not only will are you reducing turnover — you are also improving patient satisfaction and increasing HCAHPS scores. These, in turn, increase reimbursements and improve overall patient care outcomes in your hospital.

If you’re ready to improve patient care, reduce turnover and save money, let’s talk. Contact us to start the conversation.