Bambi Floyd

What do we need to offer that will attract and retain new grad RNs? What are the most important benefits to new nurses?


Today’s new grad nurses are doing their research.

The majority of new nurses are gravitating towards facilities offering a comprehensive, engaging residency program. This group is increasingly connected via social blogs, chat rooms, and Facebook, discussing amongst each other the best residency programs across the nation. Whether we like this or not, it is the reality.

According to our academic colleagues, newly graduated nurses are terrified to graduate into the patient care world for fear of short orientations increasing their risk of patient harm, or mistakes that will jeopardize their license — and their new careers.

For many of these new graduates, graduation also brings their first professional career. Not only are they learning to be a practicing RN; they are also learning the basics of work life. Their stress isn’t limited to gaining confidence inserting an IV or learning EHR documentation.

They must also acclimate to working a 12-hour shift, HCAHPS Scores, Core Measures, medication scanning requirements, and the other many essentials that come with becoming a competent hospital employee. This can be extremely stressful — increasing the need to create that “safe environment” for the new employee.

SimpliFi CAP program logo

The SimpliFi Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) Program seeks to create a safe and supportive climate where the preceptor is 100% dedicated to the success of the new graduate. This secure environment exists inside and outside of the clinical setting.

Our preceptors actively connect with preceptees via private discussion boards, off-site engagement activities, and clinical de-briefing sessions. These opportunities are provided to ensure the resident nurse feels confident they can ask questions without judgment and discuss observations in the patient setting in a positive, constructive atmosphere.

If you’re ready to create a tailored nurse residency program that will help your hospital attract and retain the best clinical talent, let’s connect. Please contact us to start the conversation.