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Managed service providers (MSP) and vendor management systems (VMS) serve as the central point of contact between a health system and all of the staffing agencies that provide contract workers.

During the pandemic, MSP/VMS providers were put to the test as the supply and demand for contingent staff became incredibly imbalanced. C-suite executives, at the height of the pandemic, became more engaged to learn about their provider’s team, technology, contract, and business practices. Now, as we enter a new landscape, post-pandemic and workforce lessons learned, many health systems are going to market for a new MSP/VMS provider.

Our “Go-to-Market Guide” was created to educate those health systems on the MSP/VMS sector and to equip them with the tools required to choose a new workforce partner.

How You’ll Benefit

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Learn about the different MSP/VMS models & business practices
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Avoid contract language that exploits your workforce agreement
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Find a partner that is proactive with your staffing to reduce your spend

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The Backstory

Typically, health systems sign 3-year contracts with their MSP/VMS provider, and all contracts include short-term extension options, either month-to-month or for one year. The majority of health systems with contracts expiring during the pandemic elected to extend their current MSP/VMS partnership under these short-term provisions as the prospect of changing providers during the emergency was not an option.

Now, more health systems are going to the market for a new MSP/VMS provider than at any point in history, either because their contract or extension is coming to an end or they weren’t satisfied with the services they received.

March 2020 - March 2021

The COVID-19 lockdown and winter surge had the healthcare community on edge. Health systems due for a decision on their MSP/VMS provider opted for an annual extension instead of onboarding a new partner in the pandemic.

April 2021 - March 2022

The COVID-19 virus began to mutate, creating new variants that spread quickly through the population. Health systems with expiring MSP/VMS contracts decided to see through the new COVID waves with their current workforce provider by choosing an annual extension.

April 2022 - March 2023

With the height of the pandemic at an end, health systems again have the bandwidth to go to market for a new workforce partner.

Get your copy of SimpliFi’s Go-to-Market Guide.

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