Labor strategy is always front of mind for our health system clients, and we understand why. Labor, and specifically clinical labor, represents more than 50% of a health system’s costs. And no company has stepped up to be a true partner to help health systems address their heart-of-the-matter labor challenges.

How do we know this? 

  1. Health systems are using an increased amount of premium labor including: travel nursing, overtime, and rapid response. 
  2. The ability to effectively on-board new grad RNs has hit a wall — limited by the availability and willingness of good preceptors. 
  3. RN burnout and turnover also remains an issue — and it’s markedly expensive. 

Staffing companies have been in the mix for a long time, but their interests always come back to just using more travel nursing which increases their bottom line. 

The ever increasing use of travel nurses does nothing to impact the real reason WHY health systems often need outside labor: critical workforce shortages in their FTE staff. 

SimpliFi is disrupting this model and creating a brand new kind of MSP — in fact, we are developing strategic workforce partnerships that helps health systems overcome their core labor challenges, including cost reduction and FTE shortages. 

We’re doing this using our two-part strategy:

  1. Build Your Core: Your core nursing staff is a powerful asset that we want to help you retain and build, both for increased clinical excellence and for cost savings. We are dedicated to stemming the RN turnover rate with our Confidence Accelerating Practice (CAP) program, which recruits preceptors to train and engage new graduate RNs so they increase in both confidence and competence. This training enables RNs stay within your health system instead of pursuing training elsewhere. Hospitals with high nurse turnover spend about $3.6 million more than hospitals with high retention rates. By 2030, one million RNs will have retired, and 200,000 more nurses will be needed every year through at least 2026. Given this, it is critical that hospitals retain their new graduate RNs.
  2. Manage Your Flex: SimpliFi works to proactively forecast the staffing needs of our clients based on seasonal demands and other workforce data. We have a 98% fill rate for all requisitions with only 2% at a premium rate. Even beyond cost savings, this provides hospitals with other benefits including increased continuity of care and greater satisfaction from FTE staff. We use our proprietary technology platform, ClariFi, to enable hospitals to implement a streamlined workflow in which all requisitions are first vetted and filled with IRP clinicians, and any unfilled positions are then met through contract labor. ClariFi also provides hospital leaders with the financial and utilization reports necessary for budgeting and managing the flexible portion of their workforce, as well as storing and tracking all compliance documents for contingent staff.

Workforce shortages aren’t going away. SimpliFi is helping a select group of health systems build the workforce of the future. We’re providing solutions, opportunities, and innovation where it is clearly — and desperately — needed.

Are you interested in partnering with us?

If your health system is dealing with pervasive workforce shortages and increasing use of travel labor, there’s a better way. You can partner with SimpliFi to have your problems solved at the source — for sizable cost savings and better patient outcomes. Our focus is on personalized service, custom solutions, and putting your interests first. 

SimpliFI has already changed the MSP model. The gaps are glaring, and the time to move forward is now. We hope you’ll take the time today to connect with us and learn more.


James Quick

President of SimpliFi