ClariFi is the single platform solution to managing your contingent labor force, from float pool to travelers, per diem, and international workers. New for 2020, it’s mobile-enabled and highly accessible, with features like the ability to create requisitions via text message. We asked SimpliFi President James Quick about his company’s new technology and how it can be used to transform hospital workforce management, especially in the area of reducing contingent labor spend.

“ClariFi is the result of the combined effort of over 25 clinicians, healthcare workforce experts, and technologists combining their talents to build a single platform to manage all facets of contingent labor,” says Quick. “It enables health systems to make more informed staffing decisions for an overall reduction of labor costs.”

Disrupting VMS Systems to Meet Clients’ Needs

Historically, health systems have used VMS platforms to manage their labor force, and these platforms have not adapted to the needs of the modern hospital. 

“Most VMS systems were owned or developed by travel nurse staffing firms, and their functionality was very limited,” says Quick. “In speaking with our clients, everyone wanted a more holistic picture of their flexible labor so they could make proactive decisions to optimize and create savings. We knew there had to be a better way that included a central hub, better reporting and automation, and so we put the smartest people from both inside and outside healthcare in a room and began the process of dreaming up what is now ClariFi.”

ClariFi is unique in that it allows for the management of all contingent labor sources in one platform, summarized by a customizable dashboard. “Health systems can change their workflow and utilize less expensive labor sources first, instead of always resorting to agency nurses,” says Quick. “Also, we incorporate a health system’s budget so no one is in the dark when it comes to the financial ramifications of a labor decision.”

ClariFi Brings Clarity to Your Decision-Making

The ClariFi system offers a high level of visibility, not simply for executives, but also for hiring managers and nurse managers. They can make decisions in real-time about how to best utilize their internal float pool, or PRN staff, and incorporate outside labor when necessary. Not only does this prevent critical workforce shortages, but it reduces contingent labor spend.

“The platform has also been designed so that it’s very accessible for busy hiring managers to have the information they need and be able to quickly put the right talent in place,” says Quick. “We have features like interview scheduling and live video interviewing within the system, as well as the ability to create or approve a requisition via a mobile phone. Not only that, but float pool workers have their own portal where they can fill in their schedules to signal their availability to nurse managers or sign up for shifts that are pushed to them. This data helps power the AI based talent matching of float workers within ClariFi. 

Administrators can even access ClariFi on the go. It’s mobile-friendly and works equally well on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

How ClariFi Reduces Labor Costs and Administrative Burden

ClariFi provides robust reporting that doesn’t simply include overall spend. In order to make decisions about how to utilize resources wisely, executives need to know exactly how much is being spent, and where. “ClariFi provides real-time breakdowns of labor utilization and performance vs. budget,” says Quick. This means that hospital leaders can effectively make adjustments and start writing smaller checks for contingent labor, only utilizing certain forms of labor when absolutely necessary. 

The system is designed to simplify, not to increase the burden on health system executives and administrators. “We provide hands-on training and support from our in-house experts to ensure all questions are answered and resolved immediately,” says Quick. “Also, ClariFi is built on today’s code and tech base so it feels like the other applications we are used to using in our lives outside of work.”

Find Out What ClariFi Can Do for Your Health System

If you would like to learn more about ClariFi for contingent workforce management, contact our team today. We can schedule a free demo and consultation to help you discover how much time, energy, and money you could save when you use ClariFi. Learn more about the features of ClariFi or get in touch with us to schedule your demo today.