During a Historically Flat Quarter, Travel Nursing Reliance Increases 44%

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Nov. 13, 2019 – SimpliFi, a workforce solutions company that helps health systems increase their staff of full-time RNs while effectively managing the staff needed for fluctuations in census, today shared travel nurse industry trends and statistics comparing summer 2018 to summer 2019. Of note, hospitals’ reliance for travel nurses grew 44% during the summer months – a traditionally slow season for hospitals and travel nurses. SimpliFi tracks reliance on 22 individual nursing specialties, and 21 showed year-over-year increases, demonstrating demand for nurses is occurring across the board with critical care nursing leading all specialties with 60% growth.

“As a leading provider of permanent and flexible staffing solutions to hospitals across the country, it’s important for us to understand the trends our industry is experiencing,” said James Quick, president at SimpliFi. “Our data shows that hospital reliance for travel nursing positions is growing rapidly across almost all specialties, while the number of nurses traveling remains flat. An interesting trend is that while supply versus demand widens, the bill rates charged to hospitals for travel nurses have remained steady. To add, flu season is now beginning, and historical trends show demand will increase further.”

To view a freely reusable graphic detailing nursing staffing growth trends, please visit https://www.simplifimsp.com/healthcare/travel-nurse-job-industry-trends-2018-2019/

Providing a white-glove, partner-focused approach for health care systems, SimpliFi helps to solve healthcare workforce issues of rising costs, increasing staff shortages, and complex operations. SimpliFi’s focus on innovation and collaboration provides MSP industry leading service and attention, along with transparency to solve core labor management issues unique to any health system.

Travel Nurse Industry Job Trend Findings include:

  • A 44% YoY growth from 2018 to 2019 
  • The top four growing specialties all belong to critical care nursing positions with each growing at a rate of 60% or more
  • The increase in nursing demand during the summer months indicates a “Season With No Seasonality”
  • Nursing hourly rates have not grown with increase in demand 
  • Uptick in demand for 21 of the 22 travel nurse specialties, with only endoscopy remaining flat

About SimpliFi

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